Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode 6 - School Vacation Edition

The usual project chat, this time with bonus kids at home and weird lighting (sorry about that).

Show Notes:

On The Dance Card:
  Sheila really only has the Toe up socks with Louet Gems Fingering in Chestnut colorway (thanks Joan) and she is finally getting to those slippers Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas.
   Wendy is still plugging away on her Traveling Sweater by A. Karen Alfke with Valley Yarns Northfield.

Rate Your Date:
  Sheila finished The Make it Work Shawl by Leslie Thompson using Cascade 220 in Coral on US size 9 (5.5mm) and she finished one of the Felted Clogs.
  Wendy finished Percy The Elephant by Irene Strange with Wintuk worsted weight acrylic yarn. She used safety eyes from Joann Fabric

Future Dates:
   Sheila is thinking on castion on for Pug  from Knit Your Own Dog by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne maybe with the Louet Gems Fingering yarn.
   Wendy is planning on doing Roly Poly Cats by Nina Shimizu (free Pattern)

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
   Sheila's Redd is back, he has been traveling across country.  He is Iris The Gourmet Monster by Rebecca Danger in Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted on size US 5 (3.75mm).  Thanks to Doggerham (Ravelry name) (sorry I said it was Gloamingorchid)  she sent a little extra Bun Bons  with Dancing Dog Dyeworks Yellow Peeps  too. 
   Wendy has a crush on Jared Floods new shawl Rock Island (pay pattern on Ravelry).  For Steve @ Dramatic Knits she also showed her first spindle or spun yarn.  Wendy reccomends Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont.

Baubles and Blings:
   Sheila has nothing.
   Wendy received her Loopy Ewe April kit, Madeline Tosh Sock in Midnight Rendevous colorway that is exclusive to the Loopy Ewe, Rubus sock pattern by Jeannie Cartmel and Nefertem Shawl by Kristin Kapur.  She also got the large Baggu bag (could fit a toddler in it.)  There are extra kits in the the Loopy Ewe Shop .

Gossip and Innuendo:
   Wendy talks about her trip to Germany and potentially going to Shanghai trip.  We both show are ineptness to figure out maps of other countries.  Sorry about that.
Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival on April 30th in Waltham, get there early.
Sheila talks about how her son has Gout, rare for children, but has it anyways.  Everyone, but, the doctors new he had gout by the symptoms.  

Thank  yous:
   Mommyneedsyarn, how do we convo you?  Sending SuezeeKnits some love for caring for an Organ recipient.  Complex Texture, Denine talks about history of fiber and fiber related tobics.  RainLover Kntis, thank you for the shout out. Addicted to Yarn, your plurked us and love the candid book revies.

We can be reached on the blog, by email at on Plurke as Knit1hearttoo (we share this account).  We will probably be creating our own group on Ravlery and let you know.

Knit With Heart

Until next week.


alcatmom said...

Oh, you guys are so silly just like my friends and I get when we are together! I just love watching you!

Wendy said...

That's exactly how we hope everyone feels! ♡

Diane said...

Was the elephant in the suitcase eating the cheese?

Wendy said...

Haha..probably! See you tonight BTW!

Uncle Barry & Aunt Carol said...

I have enjoyed watching the two of you SO MUCH!! I am on my second viewing of each!!! Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next one!!!!

Love, Aunt Carol

Wendy said...

Love to you and Uncle B!

Anonymous said...

Great episode!
Sheila, the Make it Work shawl is awesome and I love the color.
Wendy, that little elephant is adorable!!

Sheila said...

Thank you Suezee, It was great to knit.