Thursday, September 15, 2011

Episode 27 - No Interruptions!

Wendy and Sheila bring you their latest project chat, including their Podcaster Challenge scarf and baby vest. Sheila offers a hand-knit and felted Christmas stocking as a give away, and Wendy shows off her sock yarn bling from Mad Color Fiber Arts.

Show Notes

Big Thank yous to Candy, Virginia and Karen for the wonderful donations.  Also a big thank you to all the viewers who have purchased items from our Cafe Press store. We really appreciate it.

As of Wednesday morning we had 380 members in our Ravelry group found here.

On The Dance Card:
Sheila is working on the Irving the Ice Box Monster from Rebecca Danger from the Big Book of Knitted Monsters.  She is using Knit Picks Comfy in worsted on US 3 / 3.25 mm.  Almost done and modified to look like Frankenstein (sort of.)  Also on the needles is Pembroke Vest by Kirsten Kapur in Dream in Color worsted in the Blue Lagoon colorway on US 5 / 3.75 mm and US 7 / 4.5 mm with a few mods.   Shetland Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark from the Wrap Style book in Cascade Eco + in the Shire colorway or Forest Green on US 10 / 6mm.  Last but certainly not least is All Hands on Deck, Top Down mittens by Rachael of Dyebolical Yarns in Cascade 220 baby blue on US 5 / 3.75.
Wendy has Gawain by Alison Green in Dream in Color Classy in the Dusky Aurora on US 8 / 5 mm needles, no love this week.  Also Celtic Cable by Vanessa Lewis in Vintage Maine Maid Blueberry Tweed on US 9 / 5.5 mm.  Her addiction has been the Flower to Hexagon Blanket by Jessie Rayot using just two colors per hexagon, using Knitting Goddess sock blanket skeins.
Rate Your Date:
Wendy has nothing.
Sheila shows off her finished but not seamed Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman and a Christmas Stocking.

Future Dates:
Sheila is planning on finishing her monster, vest, and maybe the mittens.  Then she wants to cast on, finally, for Heath Socks.  Long term, after the Shetland Shawl, Colonnade by Stephen West.
Wendy has nothing.  Just hoping to finish Gawain.

Baubles and Bling:
Wendy has bought some Mad Color Fiber Arts sock options classica in Envy (420 yards 80 % super wash, 20 %  nylon)
Sheila has nothing.
Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Wendy has a heartbreak, her curtain project has stalled due to rusty water in the iron and her sewing machine broke.  She would love suggestions on a machine under $200 that is reliable.
Sheila wants to put a great big shout out to Lois of Knitting's My Bag for all that she has done in the Plurk Podcaster's Challenge.  She has put her heart and soul into this and does not deserve criticism.  Sheila also has been loving nail art videos on YouTube.

Gossip and Innuendo:
Thank you all again for the Cafe Press purchases we have added more items go check them out.   We have also added some plus sizes.

We are going to Rhinebeck on the Webs bus, check it out here.

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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.


TracyB said...


Do you hear the cricket? I can hear a cricket when I listen to this week's and last week's show. Is it your computer or mine? Or am I crazy?

Thanks for another great episode!

Sheila said...

I did not here a cricket, but my boys were around while I was doing show notes. I will check it out. We do have crickets around the house though.

Enid said...

Hi Girls, an excellent 5 stars!!!!
both cables are well done.

Sheila, what progress did you make with the granny square, has it still got the hole in the corner?

Wendy, have you considered making an hex out of just one colour skein? A few would set off the other hexes. (Also, less ends to weave in!!!)

with regards to PPC blogs repeating progress,and asking for more bears to be made, I just take 'em all as entertainment. Lois has done well to co-ordinate, and include the charity. Should it have been possible, I'd have applied to join in, and had fun with the badinage.

btw, our ''catering truck'' calls round here sometimes at 4:30 am

Sue said...

Another fantastic episode ladies! Both cabled projects are going well and I have nearly finished my vest, only 1 side of the front to knit up and the bands and I will be posting a picture. Wendy you need to get focused on your scarfette and your sweater, otherwise you will be sad when you go to Rhinebeck that you havent done it. Remember the love when you were showing us all. I have to say I am rather envious of that green yarn Wendy, it looks wonderful. I try and knit 1 or 2 premmie hats everytime I finish a pair of socks. I have 14 sitting in a bag awaiting to go to a hospital nearby that will hopefully need them and use them. Have a fantastic week Sheila and Wendy!

SienneKitty said...

Hello lady's,

I just watched this episode and Wendy, you asked why we watch the show. Well i watched you from the beginning and you both are lovely people. People who say otherwise should bite there thong. You two make my week (and some other podcaster)s. I don't have any friends who knit and podcasts give me the 'knitting with a friend expirience' so thank you both. And if I could advise a lenght of the podcast I would like a 3 hour one every week at least!!

I love you both babbeling one about anything.

Love Jacqueline from the Netherlands

melanie said...

Another great episode - lover the chatter - you always make me laugh.

Another great UK source for mini-skeins :

Best wishes from Edinburgh

- Melanie -

folksmith said...

Love the show! Sheila, I love the felted Christmas sock, would love to win it.

Wendy, I worked in a quilt store and the woman who owned the shop had Bernina sewing machines for me to use. I fell in love with them. When and if i ever need a new machine, i will be getting a Bernina. I don't know the cost of them but I'm sure they must have a simple beginners machine that is reasonable.

Sheila said...

Enid, my Granny Square Blanket is still on the hook. I will pull it out after the podcaster challange. I think it will be my football hooking....

Melanie, thank you for the link of the miny skeins. They are so gorgeous.

Thank you Folksmith, I really enjoyed making it, but hubby liked what we had instead. I will enter you if you are not on the threa already.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on this weeks show.

MJ said...

Thank you so much ladies for mentioning Remembering Remy and Project Sweet Caroline. It is such a great thing for the babies, but can be a wonderful thing for parents going through a hard time. You are doing a fabulous job, I love your podcast!