Thursday, April 12, 2012

Episode 56 - Draw Something

Wendy and Sheila discus their latest projects, including Sheila's finished socks in the Gypsy Creations gradient yarn, and Wendy's finished Textural Healing shawl. Sheila gives an update on her fundraising efforts and Wendy shares what she's learned from knee surgery. Winners of this month's Neck KAL are drawn at the end.


folksmith said...

Wendy, you made me LOL with your words about the positive side of having knee surgery. Love the one about the special attention you get by having a special place to sit at the concert. also, not having to grocery shop is a plus.

You two are great!

folksmith said...

Forgot, i think i might have to buy the chicken bag...too cute! am i the only one who got hooked into that?

luganknitter said...

So, I just got DrawSomething on my Ipod.
I just got "Gels" put on my nails for the Concert I am conducting on Sunday.

I cant draw.... the nails prevent me! :(

I love you ladies! Hope the knee recovery gets easier and easier every day!

Enid said...

5 stars for a very entertaining episode.
Wendy, glad you are slowly getting more mobile, that will help you improve mentally.
Sheila, love the hair!!! Style suits you

Mim58 said...

Love the chicken bag! Too funny! Wendy, the shawl is great. Sheila, love the colors for Jerry!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to podcast for us.

Mim58 said...
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Helena said...

another great episode. Wendy i am glad that your not in a lot of pain anymore. And Sheila, i hope you get some good sleep.