Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 61: It's All About Wendy This Week!

The ladies bring you their usual project chat, including Wendy's finished Brachiosockus socks and Ruby Slipper Shawlette. Sheila is still trying to get her knitting mojo back. Both ladies are surprised by a gift from a viewer, and Wendy shows off her NH Sheep and Wool haul and birthday gifts of the fiber type.

New Hampshire Sheep & Wool 2012

 The Tsock Tsarina's booth.

 End of the World Farm

 One of the vendor buildings.

Kettle Corn and Fresh Lemonade!

 Learning to operate a floor loom.

 Make and Take Needle Felting

 A needle felted monster!

1 comment:

Enid said...

Hi Girls, I was able to follow the episode, but was disturbed by the tapes not being in synch. There were times when Sheila's voice was heard, but Wendy's lips moved and vice versa.
Sheila, that is a gorgeous purple for the slippers.
Wendy, the neck shawl is lovely.
Nice pics of the fibre festival.