Friday, July 27, 2012

Episode 71: The Lily Show

Wendy and special guest Lily show you their current WIPs and FOs, and Wendy also shows off her completed TdF spinning. A winner of the K1H2 TdF thread is chosen (and longtime friend DianeInOz) gets dissed! 

 Show Notes

On The Dance Card:

Loud & Proud Socks: Wendy is knitting these using Play At Life Sockie Maki in the Loud & Proud colorway, no particular pattern. She is using US 1.5/2.5mm needles.

Judy B by Kimberly Gintar ($5 on Rav). Wendy is knitting this using Into The Whirled handspun in a Polwarth/Silk base, Gwydir colorway.

Rate Your Date:

Secret Knitting: Wendy's secret knitting is finished!  Sadly, we have decided to change up the yarn colorway, so she will be reknitting the sample and asking for test knitters in the Test Knitting Thread once she tries out a couple of modifications on the second sample.

Whirlwind Romance:

Into The Whirled Rambouillet Top, Captain Tightpants colorway, 8oz 3-ply in three skeins. The last 8 oz of Tour de Fleece 2012!

Enchanted Knoll Farms Wool, bamboo, silk, sari silk, sparkle, 8oz on the bobbins so far. Will coordinate it with the Into The Whirled coordinates Cris sent me. Yay!

Future Dates:

No ideas yet!

Crushes and Heartbreaks:

Knee Status: Overdid on the weight machines because I didn’t notice that the weights were in kilos.

Speeding Ticket: Now I will have to go to court and fight it. :-(

Baubles & Bling


Gossip & Innuendo:

Prize Drawing:

TdF Thread -- 53 people posted pictures in the thread. Each person got one chance at the prize. Lily drew the prize winner!


Enid said...

it was so nice to ''meet'' Lily. She has a good personality for broadcasting. Hope she finds the missing project and needles, so frustrating. Wendy, I hope you get redress about the ticket, no excuse for a rude police officer.
take care,

Tracie said...

I am soo sorry you and he kids ha o deal withh a nasty Police Officer its scary enough as an adult but for children ughhhh as I said so very sorry. I LOVED the episode Lily is adorable I thik maybe she could do a podcast (a short one) all alone for the other kids that are vrafty out there, maybe 2 a month would be sweet. WTG on another fab show can' wait for ur partner in stitches to rest up and be ready for the nxt podcast. Have a great week.