Saturday, November 23, 2013

Episode 136: Swants of Shame and Other Stuff

Wendy is all alone this week with her nearly completed Rockefeller WIP. Baubles and bling this week include a Knittingsmybag Bag and More Kit and the October installment of the Hello Yarn fiber club. Wendy discusses her recent health scare and promises to dance in the Swants of Shame for charity. Book reviewed this week is Head to Toe by Katya Frankel from Cooperative Press. There will be a contest this week to win a pdf copy of the book! 

  Show Notes 

KAL/CAL:  We are hosting a Selfish Knitting KAL for the months of November and December! Anything you knit for yourself during this time period can be entered to win.

On The Dance Card:

Wendy is working on:

Rockefeller by Stephen West ($6 on Rav) in MadTosh Sock in the Dr. Zhivago's Sky and Denim color ways.

Rate Your Date:

Nothing this week

Whirlwind Romance:

Nothing this week.

Future Dates:

Wendy plans on knitting Brickless with Malabrigo sock in an impromptu knit-along with a couple of friends who also missed the Brickless boat a few months ago.

Baubles & Bling:

Wendy purchased

Knittingsmybag Bag and More kit, Christmas 2013.

Hello Yarn October 2013 Club on Corriedale

Gossip & Innuendo:

Wendy is going to make and wear Swants for charity!  See more details in the Ravelry thread!  If people want to see Wendy dance in her Swants like Stephen West does here, throw a couple of bucks to the charity of your choice.  If you Swants-along with me, we will draw one name of the proud Swantser to win a prize!

Book Review:

I reviewed the new Cooperative Press book Head to Toe: Kids' Knit Accessories by Katya Frankel.  Check our Ravelry group thread for a contest to win a copy of this awesome kids' knits book!


Michelle said...

I am totally on board for Knit from your stash 2014!!! It's a long time coming and I know if I can only stick to the plan I will feel soooo much better about myself when my stash is smaller come 2015!!

Michelle said...

donations will be made. you are the BEST sport ever!! prayers and good wishes are coming our way!

Barb T said...

Wendy, you might want to try using Adobe to display on your tablet. I don't have any problems with my pdf e-books using that.

I'll be thinking about you on Wed. Hope everything goes well that day and later on.


Kara Fleck said...

Just wanted to let you know that your and your Swants Dancing inspired us to sponsor another Compassion child. You rock, Wendy! Thank you! <3

Best wishes,