Friday, February 7, 2014

Episode 145: Party On, Dude

This week, we draw prize winners for the January Stash Down Thread and the Doomsday Knits pdf file contest. WIPs include Wendy's Fuse Cardigan and Sheila's Clapotis and Spice Man socks. FOs include the Colorful Striped Cowl, which Sheila modified into a scarf. Baubles and bling include a ton of scarves Sheila's sister in law gave her, cross stitch supplies from epickawaii on etsy and the cottage needle, also on etsy, and Wendy's finished chubby bird project. Show Notes   KAL/CAL:  We are hosting a Stash Busting KAL/CAL for the month of January! Post a pic of your finished project made from yarn purchased at least 6 months ago in the January Stash Busters Thread and get that stash under control!  A winner will be drawn next week.

On The Dance Card:

Wendy is working on:

Fuse by Veronik Avery in Reynolds Revue, red color way (this yarn is discontinued).

Sheila is working on:

Spice Man Socks by Yarnissima in BMFA medium (mill end, unknown colorway)

Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson in Knitpicks Main Line (black, cream and taupe)

Clapotis by Kate Gilbert in Seacoast Handpainted Silk and Ivory in the Antique coloway.

Rate Your Date:

Sheila showed:

Striped Cotton Cowl by Purl Soho.  Sheila modified the pattern to be a scarf.  It was finished several weeks ago, but this is the first time her husband wasn't wearing it during the show!

Whirlwind Romance:

None this week.  Wendy plans to try and spin at least 15 minutes a week this year, but so far has failed in keeping up with that resolution!

Future Dates:

Wendy will be knitting:

The Bees headband by Alana Dakos (gift from Fraydele)

Star Leaves Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen (will be a wedding shawl)

Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn

Sheila will be knitting:

Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas

Baubles & Bling:

Wendy purchased:

Rabbit Thread Organizer from The Cottage Needle

Totoro Cross Stitch Pattern from EpicKawaii

Wendy also finished the Chubby Bird pattern from Red Gate Stitchery

Gossip & Innuendo:

SPA 2014 in Freeport, Maine 2/28 - 3/2/2014.  Sheila and I will not be attending the marketplace this year, unfortunately.

Conn Sheep and Wool in Vernon, CT 4/26/14.  Sheila and I plan on attending if possible.

Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival at Gore Place, Waltham, MA 4/26/14.  We do not plan on attending.

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2014 at Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, MD, 5/3-5/4/2014.  Wendy plans on attending.

NH Sheep and Wool at Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH 5/10-5/11/14.  Wendy plans on attending with her family.

Webs Tent Sale at Webs Yarn Store, Northampton, MA, 5/17-5/18/14.  Wendy plans to attend on Saturday.

MA Sheep and Wool at Cummington Fairgrounds, Cummington, MA 5/24-5/25/14.  Sheila may attend, Wendy will be unable to attend.

VT Sheep and Wool at Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, VT 10/4-10/5/14.  We do not plan on attending.

Stitches East in Hartford, CT 10/9-10/12/14.  Wendy plans on attending the Saturday marketplace.

Rhinebeck at Dutchess County Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck, NY 10/18-10/19/14.  We plan on attending for the weekend.

New England Fiber Festival at Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA, 11/1-11/2/14.  Wendy plans on attending.

This week, we drew winners for the Doomsday Knits pdf contest and the January Stash Down thread.  If you won the yarn prize, please contact Sheila on Ravelry with your address.

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