Saturday, March 28, 2015

Episode 202: HATE-ofude

This week's WIPs include the Hitofude cardigan, Retiarius cowl, No Purl monkey socks and cuff down vanilla socks in Patons yarn. No FOs this week, folks! Featured baubles and bling include an awsome care package of Socks That Rock and Fishknits yarn for Sheila, some Patons self-striping for Wendy, and an awesome package from Dyeabolical yarn of sweet smells and yarny goodness! We will be giving some of those goodies away next week!


KAL/CAL:  Patterns that are well-loved (more than 1000 projects listed).  A winner will be drawn in April.

Shout Outs:

Don't forget to join in the contest to win a Knittingsmybag bag and coordinating skein of yarn!

Check out the fabulous new knitting news website:  KnitCliks!  The brainchild of designers Carolyn Noyes and Cathy Carron, you can find news about fashion trends, new patterns, podcasts and MORE!
On The Dance Card:

Wendy is working on:

No Purl Monkeys by Cookie A in Knitpicks Felici (Sorbet colorway)

Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu in Enchanted Knoll Farms sock

Retiarius in Spunky Eclectic Mammoth Yarn in the Rock Lobster colorway

Sheila is working on:

A vanilla cuff down sock in Patons, Spring Leaf Stripes colorway

Rate Your Date:

Nothing this week

Whirlwind Romance:

Wendy showed progess on the Loop Batt she is spinning in the Strobe color way.

Future Dates:

Wendy has to finish Hitofude before she can start her Rhinebeck Sweater.  Sheila will probably use Cascade Fixation to make a baby hat and booties.

Baubles & Bling:

Wendy purchased:

Patons sock in Brambles Stripes and Spring Leaf Stripes.

Sheila received:

Socks That Rock Heavyweight in "Christmas Balls," Socks That Rock Medium Weight in "Grayple," and Fishknits Sock in "Fuji Fight Like A Girl," which we decided to rename as "We Run on Recycled Parts" in honor of Sheila's son's liver transplants.

We both received:

A big box of goodies from Dyeabolical Yarns including a sample of her Superwash Worsted in "Polar Vortex," a skein of Squishy Sport Single in "Okie Dokie Artichokie," a skein of sock in "Fred," Perfume in the "That's Nice (What Is It?)" and "Sandalwood Vanilla" scents and soap in Dreamsicle and Lavender and Basil.  Some of these goodies will be up as prizes next week!

Gossip & Innuendo:


Want to win a beautiful Knittingsmybag bag and some coordinating yarn?  Tell us what you would knit with the yarn that matches the bag.  This months Bag/Yarn combo includes Numma Numma yarn!  Check out the contest thread in our group for a photograph of the prize and more info.  A winner will be chosen in Episode 203.

2015 Fiber Events

Connecticut Sheep Wool & Fiber Festival, Vernon CT, Saturday Apr 25, 2015

Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival, Waltham, MA, Sat Apr 25, 2015

Maryland Sheep and Wool, West Friendship, MD Saturday May 2 - Sunday May 3, 2015

New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival, Deerfield NH, Saturday 
May 9 - Sunday May 10, 2015

Rhode Island Wool & Fiber Festival, Coggeshall Farm Museum, Bristol RI Saturday 
May 16, 2015

Webs Annual Tent Sale, Northampton, MA Saturday May 16 - Sunday May 17, 2015

Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair, Cummington MA Saturday 
May 23 - Sunday May 24, 2015

Maine Fiber Frolic, Windsor ME, Saturday Jun 6 - Sunday Jun 7, 2015

Fiber Revival, Newburyport, MA TBA Aug 2015

Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival, Hemlock NY Sat Sep19 - Sun Sep 20, 2015

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, Greenwich NY Sat 
Sep 26 - Sun Sep 27, 2015

Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival, Tunbridge VT Sat 
Oct 3 - Sun Oct 4, 2015

New York State Sheep & Wool Festival, Rhinebeck NY Saturday 
Oct 17 - Sunday Oct 18, 2015

Fiber Festival of New England, West Springfield MA Saturday 
Nov 7 - Sunday Nov 8, 2015

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Wendy, yeah for your Hitofude knitting!! Yes, I agree with you, it's horribly borring to knit those sleeves but it should get better.
Another thing I keep hearing that is making me crazy is the term "selfish knitting". We need to stop using selfish when we talk about our hobby and craft. You are by no means selfish!! There is no such thing as selfish golfing or selfish reading. If I work in my garden is that selfish? I'm not working in my neighbor's garden so am I selfish? I think you get the point. This is our hobby and what makes us happy so putting that tag on it makes it sound like it's something bad. Be proud of the things you make whether they are for you alone or for the animal shelter, it's up to you to do what you want with your hobby. We cook, clean and do laundry for everyone else so why should we also be expected to spend our free time creating things for others and when we don't we are being selfish. Love what you do no matter who it is for.
By the way, cute hubby bomb!! :-))