Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Episode 8 - The "I Heart Wollmeise" Contest

Announcing our contest where the winner will get to choose a skein of Wollmeise directly from the Wollmeise store!

Show Notes:

Gossip and Innuendo:
  I heart Wollmeise contest, go check it out on our group.  Contest ends May 10th. Check out the Woillmeise sight or Ravelry site. We show you some of our Wollmeise stash.

On The Dance Card:
   Sheila is still working on Knit Your Own Dog, Pug by Joann Osborne and Sally Muir.   She is also still working on the Mountain Ash Shawl by Kate Gagnon.   Thank you to Anna (Alcatmom on Ravelry) and Pat (Knitting4fun on Ravelry) for the link on the PULT.
   Wendy is still working on her Traveling Sweater, by A. Karen Alfke.   She is also crocheting Roly Poly Cat by Nina Shimizu. Summer's End sweater has not seen any love.

Rate Your Date:
   Sheila had a one night stand with a dishcloth,  Apple Cloth by Rhonda K. White US 8 (5 mm) with Sugar and Cream in the Tea Rose Color.  Really easy and cute and fun.
   Wendy has nothing.

Future Dates:
   Sheila "got nuttn."
   Wendy is planning on the starting the Mad Color Weave socks with her Sock Monkey yarn from Hanks Yarn.  She is also going to cast for a Ginko Shoulderette Shawl by Maggie Magali with String Theory Caper Sock in Essence colorway.
Crushes and Heartbreaks:
     Sheila has a crush on sleep and Red Sox and Charitable work.
   Wendy has a crush on her glasses and sunglasses.

Baubles and Bling:
   Sheila again has nothing, sorry really sticking to my yarn diet, it is the only diet I can stick to.
   Wendy has a Sock Monkey Tape measure from Tomo and Timo on Etsy.  Wendy also acquired some new stitch markers by Goldisocks Etc some lovely square stitch markers.
Wendy shows off one of her sweaters from the year of sweaters.  Mondo Cable Pulli by Bonne Marie Burns with Dream in Color Lipstick Lava colorway.

You can find us on and email us at and for weight loss tips.  Wendy is Pennywenny 2 and I am Sheilad37 on

Knit With Heart   Until next week.


KnittingsMyBag said...

I have to say, I LOVE to watch your podcasts ..I'm from Maine (living in exile in California-blah!) and when I'm homesick, I listen to you guys for your "accents". LOVE IT (oh, and your cast is a lot of fun as well). Just wanted to let you know that Knit1HeartToo is my comfort food minus the calories!!

Wendy said...

You are a doll. My mom is from Maine and I spent my summers there growing up, so I'm glad I can bring a little New England to someone!

Tara said...

Have fun in Germany! Loved the episode this week!