Saturday, October 29, 2011

Episode 33: So Many FOs

Wendy and Sheila bring you lots of FOs this week - socks, a hat, two cowls, mitts and a baby bib! Also, we show lots of baubles and bling from Stitches East and the Podcasters Challenge goody bags and prizes. An episode of epic proportion!
Show Notes

Introductions:  SheilaD37 (Sheila) and PennyWenny (Wendy)

If you are new to the podcast welcome, and you are a returning viewer, welcome back.
Thank you for watching us.

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On The Dance Card:
Lisianthus by Rosemary Hill
Selbuvott or Not by Torirot Designs.
Flower to Hexagon Blanket by Jessie Rayot
Hands on Deck by Dyeabolical yarn
Winter Shawl by Sarah Barbour

Check out our Mitten Knit Along Here.

Rate Your Date:
Seeta Fingerless Gloves by Mariea Sheherazade
Un-Purled Too Hat by Wendy's Mods
Simple Ribbed Cowl by Orange Flower
I Love Stockinette Baby Bib by Luara Treadway
Heath Socks by Andrea Dietrich
Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho

Future Dates:
Wendy has nothign planned right now.
Sheila finished her swatch and is hoping to start Hoody Sweater.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Wendy said goodbye to her old TV of 10 years. We discuss how men feel the need for large TV's.
Sheila  has nothing.

Baubles and Bling:
String Theory Yarn Caper Sock in Laguna Colorway
Miss Purl Tins and Stitch Markers
Leslie Wind Shawl Pin by Leslie Wind
Knit With Love by Lisa Bogart

Podcaster Challange Swag

Sheila won the following for Best Yarn Choice
Twisted Limone Yarn - Donated by Denise (Madaboutmatisee)
Pattern of our choice by AppleBlossom and More.

Wendy won the Following for Talkin' Smack
1 Medium custom knitting bag - Donated by KnittingsMyBag (Lois)
4 Oz Merino fiber in Mommy Needs to Make Yarn and a 15% off coupon for shop - Donated by 6CatsKnittingAround.

Here is what we got in our Goodie Bags.
Mini Spindle and Sample Fiber From Bartlett yarns - Donated by Spinerosity
Sheep Notepad for Sheila
Got Yarn keychain - Donated by Crystals Creations Gifts.
Miss Babs mini skein - Donated by Lois of KnittingsMyBag
Nail Polsih for Sheila
Pocket Mirror - Donated by Lois of KnittingsMyBag.
Set of Knitting Needles Sheila got DPN, Wendy got straights
Mini Goodie Bag which includes coupon form Ethereal Fibers and Wolfe Farms
Sock Monkey stickers and files for Wendy
Lotion (although it says conditioner on it)
Stitch Markers - Donated by Lois of KnittingsMyBag.

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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.


Enid said...

5 stars
as usual, very entertaining.congrats on the PPC prizes. gorgeous colourways.
have a good weekend

Kathom said...

Great videocast! I think the tip about knitting your swatch in the round is so important. Elizabeth Zimmermann mentioned it in her books. She suggests that you buy and extra skein and knit a hat for your swatch. Thanks for showing all the goodies.

Sue said...

Another fantastic show! You both received wonderful gifts for your PPC. I really love your Arwen Wendy, it looks so nice in that colorway. I measured my wrists too and mine were 16 cms and I have thin wrists. Maybe those mitts were measured for kids. Have a great week!