Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Episode 40 - There's No Crying in Knitting

Wendy and Sheila DO NOT CRY during this episode! We show off finished Selbu mittens and fingerless mitts, and the continuing Advent Garland, along with lots of WIPs on the needles.

Show Notes:

Intro: Sheila and Wendy, aka SheilaD37 and PennyWenny on Ravelry.

Thank you to Judith, Judi, Kathleen, Mellisa, and Karen for your donation to the podcast, we really do appreciate it.

Welcome to any new viewers and welcome back to any returning viewers, thank you for watching.

Join our "Anything for the hand KAL" on Ravlery, here.

Virtual Knit Night is on Sundays, here is the link to get to it on Google +. 

On The Dance Card:
Lisianthus by Rosemary HIll
Flower to Hexagon Blanket by Jessie Rayot
Wrought Cardigan by Stephabnnie Tallent (tech edit stage right now) Pre-Order link here.
Advent Garland by Frankie Brown
Spice Man by Yarnissima
Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson  (hibernating)
Howl Cat by Alexandra Tinsley (hibernating)
Rate Your Date:
Selbuvott or Not by Torirot Designs
Advent Garland Days 1-7
Urban Neccesity by Colleen Michele Meagher
Whirlwind Romance:
Future Dates:
Sheila will be casting on for the Claudia Hat by MJ Kim
Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Thank you to all the viewers who commented on the thread and who PM'd us on Ravelry.  It meant a lot to us.
Baubles and Bling:
Fibernymph Bounce 80 % Superwash Merino and 20% nylon in the Froot Loops Colorway.
Beautiful Socks that Rock by Blue Moon in the medium weight from Diane at Knitabulls, go check her out.
Gossip and Innuendo:
No recording the week of December 25th
Mitten thread will be locked on December 31st.
Knitters are awesome.
Willowfairy Podcast and the TidePool Shawl KAL starting in January.
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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.


Anonymous said...

great episode.
sorry, Wendy, can't help with the advent basket, never seen one before.lucky Sheila getting the yarn from Diane. I don't knit socks, but do appreciate when someone gives me yarn for charity knitting.
good thoughts for Z-man, and hugs to both families

folksmith said...

OMG, a week without Knit 1 Heart too. Not sure i can make it through the week without seeing you guys. Sure hope you both have a great Christmas.

Sheila, sure hope everything goes well tomorrow in Boston.

folksmith said...

Just realized that my microwave also as a button for beverages and a few other things. I have used the popcorn button, so i am aware of that. Have the microwave for a couple of years...do people really use all of those buttons.

Thanks! Sheila, can't wait to show the family.

Anonymous said...

wow. thanks for the mention girls! i squeed really loud when i heard it. another great show. i always enjoy watching you guys.