Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Episode 41: Happy Holidays

Wendy and Sheila discuss only a few WIPs and FOs, including the ongoing Wrought Iron Cardi and Sheila's finished Yarnissima socks. Then the gift giving begins, and you will see what Wendy and Sheila gave each other and the super special Christmas SURPRISE for Sheila! It was the best Christmas EVER!

Show Notes: 

Thank you to all those who contributed to my awesome Socks That Rocks Gift Certificate.

Beth, Melissa, Bev, Lisa, Katie, Diane, Tamila, Heather, Steven, Leslie, Betty, and MJ.  Words can not express how I feel and how grateful I am to have friends like you in my life. 


Mim58 said...

Merry Christmas, ladies! Thank you for the podcast.

Anonymous said...

I almost dropped stitches when I realised Sheila meant me!!!!!!! The pronounciation is eenid. Yes, it was fun on Sunday, I don't think you missed anyone out, Sheila. Thanks to you both for the comments. This was a super episode, hope you better soon, Wendy.
All the best to you and families,

folksmith said...

What a wonderful pod cast. Your Christmas presents to each other were so thoughtful. Love the monster, love the canvas bags.

It's amazing how rotten people can be. Stealing the nativity and stealing your neighbors goose. What is wrong with people?

Have a beautiful Christmas and see you next year.

Kathy02125 said...

Another wonderful episode ladies! Your gifts to one another are lovely and thoughtful! Have a very merry Christmas! All the best, Kathy xo

Mike said...

Those monsters are super cute. Do you have any pictures of the finished monster?