Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Episode 42 - Happy 2012

Sheila and Wendy are back from vacation! Lots of WIPs this week, and some FOs, including Sheila's latest monster, and a baby hat and sweater set by Wendy. We draw winners of the Mitten KAL and announce our Sock KAL for January and February. We also show off lots of baubles and bling, and preview some of our future prize offerings!

Show Notes:

Happy New Year Everyone

Intro's Sheila and Wendy aka Sheilad37 and Pennywenny on Ravelry  Join our group there too.
Welcome to any new viewers and welcome back to our continuing viewers.  We missed you.

Thank you to Judi L for her donation and thank you to the many of you who contributed to the donation with the leftovers of my lovely G.C., Beth, Melissa, Bev, Lisa, Katie, Diane, Tamila, Heather, Steven, Leslie, Betty, and MJ your are all awesome.

On the Dance Card:
Lisianthus by Rosemary HIll
Flower to Hexagon Blanket by Jessie Rayot
Wrought Iron Cardigan by Stephannie Tallent
Bitty Cabled Cardigan by Heather Cabanas
Fruity Socks based on Wendy Johnson's sock with short row heel
Super Easy Baby Blanket by Purl Soho
Wonderfull Wallaby by Carol Anderson

Rate Your Date:
Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap by Gro
Garter STitch Baby Kimono by Joji Locatelli
Dot The Dress Up Monster by Rebecca Danger

Future Dates:
Wendy is planning on some toe ups socks in her Mommy Needs to Spin Yarn colorway that she hand spun.
Sheila is hoping to fix some socks and other projects.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Wendy - Thank you to all who gifted her a pattern.
Rivolo Scarf, Rendezvous Shawl, Crestview Cardigan, Semele Shawl, Snow White Sweater, Paisley Socks, and Roxbury Pond Shawl.  (I tried to link, but it was very difficult to do.  I am sorry.)
Big love to anonymous donor who sent a card to Sheila and Wendy and donated $50.00 to the Childrens Liver Foundation in Knit1Hearttoo's name.
Sheila - Thank you all to those who gave me some patterns as well. Stripe amnia Socks, the Brick by Brick Socks and the Variance Cowl.

Baubles and Bling:
Brownie Sundae Rolly Batt, Haunted Rolly Batt and Purple Batt and Meadow Brad from Ivy Brambles Red Rover Braid from Spunky Eclectic Schacht Tensioned Lazy Kate was Wendy's finds.
Sheila received some lovely Pashmina Yarn by Madelinetosh from Nancy a fabulous viewer.  Thank you very much.

Gossip and Innuendo:
We announce the winners of the Mitten KAL and announce the new knit a long for some socks.  Go check it out here.

We show you some other prizes that will be given away in the future and discuss real briefly our knitting resolutions.

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Sparkpeople as Sheilad37 and Pennywenny2.Twitter as Knit1hearttoo and Wendy is Knit1Wendy.Pinterest for Wendy as Knit1Wendy and Sheila is Knit1Heartoo on Pinterest.
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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Girls, great to watch you again. Glad you appear to be much better. Lucky to get those gifts.
and I don't mind long episodes :p

take care,

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love, love, love the sweater and the adorable hat you made for Julie's baby, Trevor! Wish you could be here for the shower, but do understand. Thank you so much. Love, Aunt Carol

AuntSuze said...

You both rock! Love the podcast :)

Kimberly said...

Love it, as always! Oh and can I live with you two for a while just so I can fondle those new skeins??? I won't eat much, I promise. ;-))

browneyegurl35 said...

First time watching and enjoyed watching you ladies.

luganknitter said...

My cat and I woke up and watched your podcast today! We love you two! (Well I do, not so sure on the feelings of Kitty...)
Thanks for doing what you do!

Kimberly said...

Ok, I live in Germany and tried to buy a pattern from knitpics and think I know why you can't buy from anywhere else but the States. You need to create an account and you need a shipping addy that is in the US or Canada. Without this I wasn't able to create an account so I wasn't able to buy a PDF. I'm actually bummed, I found a cute crown pattern that I was willing to buy. I'll just wait until the summer when I head to the Cape to my parents place. Anyway, great show, luv you guys!!!