Friday, November 2, 2012

Episode 85: Frankenstorm

The ladies bring you the usual project chat, including Wendy's finished Sacre du Printemps socks and Sheila's nearly finished Flutterby socks. A few baubles and bling this week, including Caucus Race, a special order from Dyeabolical and some stitch dictionaries. Prizes are drawn for the Charity knit-along.

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alcatmom said...

Sheila, When I found out I had to learn to draw blood during my internship for medical technology, I was horrified. I didn't know that was something I'd have to do because I had been told the phlebotomists would collect blood. That was something they said to get people in the program. I used to pass out for any medical stuff so this was a very difficult year for me - I developed my TMJ from the stress. When I would try to draw if the person said ouch I would say sorry and pull out and go back and say I couldn't get the sample. This started happening so much that the lab supervisor yelled at me in from of everyone and made me go back and get the sample. I eventually realized that by learning to draw well I was providing a service and helping people and I did eventually get over my hesitation. One day I realized I could actually feel when the needle entered the vein. That was so cool. So much is mental and I can empathize with people who pass out because I used to do that too. So hang in there - it gets better with practice. I missed my very 1st stick and still miss now and then, but I've been at it for 37 years now and I still love the thrill of getting someone on first stick who has trouble sometimes. Hugs!!