Friday, May 16, 2014

Episode 159: Bragging About Our Kids

This week, Wendy reviews two of the Canterbury Prize wools offered by Louet during the Whirlwind Romance section of the show. WIPs include Mystik Spiral socks, Trillian, Brush Creek Cowlette and B(ias)3. FOs include a hat and mitts in the Gnome Garden colorway from Snitches and Mystik Spiral socks in Regia Fluoromania. A few baubles and bling from Wendy's birthday and NH Sheep & Wool. We announce a new contest featuring the design Yvonne's Wings by Kimberly Gintar.


KAL/CAL:  We are hosting a Stash Busting KAL/CAL for the month of May.  Post a pic of your finished project made from yarn purchased at least 6 months ago in the May Stash Busters Thread and get that stash under control!  A winner will be drawn at the end of the month.

We are also hosting a Sock KAL/CAL.  You choose the pattern.  If you use yarn purchased at least 6 months ago, you can enter your sock in both contests!  A winner will be drawn at the end of June (we decided to make it a two month KAL).

We will be giving away a copy of the Yvonne's Wings pattern by Kimberly Gintar.  Post in the contest thread in our group.  Since the show was late getting posted, we will keep the contest thread open for two weeks.

On The Dance Card:

Wendy is working on:

Seashell Shawl by Ivy Brambles in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silk Thread II

Brush Creek Cowlette by Carina Spencer in Fiber Optic gradient handspun

B(ias)3 by Amy E Chapleau in Shibui Sock in the Breeze colorway.

Sheila is working on:

Trillian by Martina Behm in Cherry Tree Hill sock in the Silver Streak colorway

Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks in Snitches Sock in the Seriously? colorway

Rate Your Date:

Wendy completed:

Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks in Regia Fluoromania

Sheila completed:

A hat and mitts from Snitches sock yarn in the Garden Gnome colorway (Wendy's birthday presents). See Sheila's project page for info on the patterns (which were modifications).

Whirlwind Romance:

Wendy is currently spinning an Enchanted Knoll Farms batt in the Dragon's Blood colorway.

Wendy reviewed the following Louet fibers:

Canterbury Prize Jacob Sliver:  This fiber had a long staple and was very smooth, shiny and hardy.  I let the fiber guide my spinning and ended up with a heavy lace weight or light fingering weight 3 ply (chain plied).  It is a very sturdy and stiff fiber, so it would potentially be good for a lace shawl worn over clothing.  Much like Shetland, I think the stiffness of the fiber would hold the open spaces in lace open beautifully after blocking.  It is definitely not a fiber meant for wear close to the skin.

Canterbury Prize Cotswold Sliver:  This fiber had a shorter staple than the Jacob and also had a beautiful crimp.  Again, I let the fiber guide my spinning, and even though I spun it on the same whorl and at the same speed as the Jacob, I ended up with a completely different yarn.  The Costwold spun into a beautifully lofty worsted weight 3 ply (chain plied).  The crimp gave the finished yarn a nice bounce and elasticity that wasn't present in the smoother Jacob.  Although this yarn might be a little coarse for next to the skin wear, I think it would make beautiful and warm outwear, or even a hat or mittens.

I am going to offer the remainder of my review samples to an interested spinner/spinners if you'd like to try them yourself.  Or you can pick them up for a good price at the links above directly from Louet.

Future Dates:

Sheila and Wendy will be finishing their ongoing projects.

Baubles & Bling:

Wendy received:

Sheila's handknit Gnome Garden hat and mitts.

Hiro Mittens:  by Julia Farwell-Clay from the Awesome SuperD (Madaboutmatisse).

Wendy purchased at NH Sheep & Wool:

Spunky Eclectic Comeback Progression on Superwash in the Rodea colorway (6oz)

Mad Color Fiber Arts Gradient on Polwarth in Rainbow Connection

Gossip & Innuendo:

Wendy went to the NH Sheep and Wool at Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH 5/10-5/11/14.  This is a great festival for a family, as it features lots of kid-friendly events and crafts.

Webs Tent Sale at Webs Yarn Store, Northampton, MA, 5/17-5/18/14.  Wendy plans to attend on Saturday.

MA Sheep and Wool at Cummington Fairgrounds, Cummington, MA 5/24-5/25/14.  Neither Sheila nor Wendy will attend this year.

VT Sheep and Wool at Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, VT 10/4-10/5/14.  We do not plan on attending.

Stitches East in Hartford, CT 10/9-10/12/14.  Wendy plans on attending the Saturday marketplace.

Rhinebeck at Dutchess County Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck, NY 10/18-10/19/14.  We plan on attending for the weekend.

New England Fiber Festival at Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA, 11/1-11/2/14.  Wendy plans on attending.

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