Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episode 16 - Let's Make a Wish!

Sheila and Wendy with their usual project talk, including Wendy's interchangeable needle case sewing project. Sheila discusses the Make A Wish Foundation in more detail, drawing from her son's experience, and both hosts discuss the prizes they've donated to the Triathlete Knitter blog.

Show Notes:

Shout outs from Sparkpeople from both of us, Cabaretkitty and Tanyacrafts.

On The Dance Card:

Wendy has her Catkin by Carina Spencer in Malabrigo sock, Archangel and Botticelli Colorways on US 4 / 3.5 mm .  She has Rock Island by Jared Flood in Ivy Brambles Romantica from Yarn & Fiber Co. on US 7 / 4.5 mm, no love this week.

Sheila is still plugging on Mt. Ash by Kate Gagnon Osborn in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk on US 6 / 4 mm needles.  Saroyan by Liz Abinante in Malabrigo Lace held double on US 6 / 3.5 mm, no love this week.  Spring Forward socks by Linda Welch with Sock Pixie Vegan yarn on US 1 1/2 / 2.5 mm needles (WAS RIPPED OUT ON THE SHOW)

Rate Your Date:

Wendy shows off her Knit Picks Interchangeables Organizer that she created with some lovely red Geisha fabric.

Sheila has nothing.

Future Dates:

Iris Mystery Shawl by Natasha Vogele from Krazy Kitty, Wendy is planning to use her Enchanted Knoll Farm in the Treasure Chest colorway, Sheila is planning on using Wollpapst Sockenwolle in Unikat or (Rainbow sherbet as now named by me.)

KnittingsMyBag Podcaster challange, sometime in September that is being organized by Lois of KnittingsMyBag.

Sheila is hoping to cast on for the Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardi in a mystery worsted weight yarn for a friend's little girl.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:

We both are crushing over LynnZimm's Denver Oyster Run a Charity race for the Colorado Make a Wish orginazation, for Life Threatening medical conditons.  Luara Linneman created the My Wish pattern and if you purchase it for $5.00 all proceeds will go to LynnZimms cause.  Sheila's son had a wish granted from Make a Wish 4 years ago and this is a charity that is close to our hearts.  LynnZimm is having a prizes for donanting to her cause.  Every $10 will receive 1 entry for a list of prizes on her blog Knitting Triathlete.  Wendy is donating a pattern from Ravelry up to $10.00 and I am donating a skein of 80/20 Wollmeise in Aquarias.

Baubles and Bling:

Wendy received the Textural Healling Shawl by Twisted from Diane of Knitabulls, Thank you. (Knitabulls is from New York and her podcast is here.)  She also received the Weekend Shawl by Crafty Diversions / Anne Kuo Lukito from Candy aka Kandiland, Thank you.

Sheila recieved the Citizen Shawl by Liz Abinante from Candy aka Kandiland, Thank you.   She also bought some facial soap from LUSH.

Gossip and Innuendos:

We have over 200 memebers!  Yay!!
Sorry Mellissa that neither Wendy or Sheila were not able to make it to the I91 Shop Hop.  We really wanted to go.
Xhantippe has knit the Spring Forward
We have  a weight loss thread on our group, check it out.
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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 15 - School's Out For Summah!

Wendy and Sheila's first episode recorded during summer break. The usual project chat, including Sheila's ongoing Mountain Ash Shawl and Wendy's finished Summer's End Sweater.

Show Notes:

Shout outs:  Katie with Knittin on The Fly for her shout out, to BarbMargo on Ravelry, to Plurk for the support and Wendy's Monday Night Knitters.
Sparkpeople love Madgabknits and Kwillow for getting on.

On The Dance Card:
Sheila as the Mt Ash on the needles, but is 1/3 of the way done.  Mt Ash is by Kate Gagnon Osborn with Debbie Alpaca Silk on US 6 / 4mm.  Another Preemie hat of my own design, working on the pattern, with Sundara Sock yarn.  Spring Forward by Linda Welch on US 1.5 / 2.25 mm with Sock Pixie Vegan yarn. Still have Saroyan Shawl by Liz Abinante with Malabrigo lace held doubled.  
Wendy has Catkin by carina Spencer in Malabrigo Sock, Archangel and Botticelli, on US 4 / 3.5 mm.  She also has Rock Island by Jared Flood in Ivy Brambles on the needles.  This did not receive any love this week.  She is using US 7 / 4.5 mm needles.

Rate Your Date:
Sheila finished two Grandma's Favorite Dish Cloth pattern by Ruth from Big Springs TX, with Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.  Nothing to show as they went as a gift this past Monday.  Great one night stand.
Wendy has finished her Summer End Sweater by Heater Sapp in Dream in Color Classy in Cool Fire.  She used US 8 / 5 mm needles.  Loved it.  Wendy likes my decrease I reccomended to her for the SSK.

Future Dates:
Sheila plans to cast on Iris Mystery Shawl by Natascha Vogele, planning on using Wollpapst Sonkenwolle.  To finish what is on my needles, I have way too much.
Wendy is planning on the Iris Mystery Shawl as well in her  Enchanted Knoll Farm in Treasure Chest colorway.  She also would like to pick up the Featherweight Cardigan back on the needles by Heather Fettig in her Misti Alspaca Handpaint Lace.  This is a project from 2009.
Sheila and Wendy both plan on doing KnittingsMyBag podcaster challenge that starts in September, her is her shop, take a look.  Looking forward to this.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Sheila says thank you to Crystal (Halifaxmommy on Ravelry) from Nova Scotia, for the link to  Thank you to Maria (VickiMaria on Ravlery) for gifting me the Howlcat by Dull Roar and Wyvern Lace Kerchief by Gabi Bolland Designs.  She is too sweet.
Wendy talks about the hatefull email that she received earlier in the week.

Baubles and Bling:
Sheila shows off a nice pocket book, purse that I bought from TJMaxx.
Wendy shows off her new stitchmarkers by Craftystitcher on Etsy.  They are so cute.  Surya by Caryl Pierre that Sheila gifted to Wendy.

Gossip and Innuendo:
Sheila uploaded Good Reader app, but unsure how to use it. 
Wendy is hoping to go to the I-91 Shop Hop, a Yarn Crawl in MA, VT, and CT.  Melissa of His and Hers podcast and of Keagan Lane Yarns is doing a "Dye Your Own" buffet table at Metapohor Yarns.

We have  a weight loss thread on our group, check it out.
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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Episode 14 - Whirlwind Romance

The usual project chat, featuring our new semi-regular segment "Whirlwind Romance" where we discuss spinning projects. Sheila also talks about a great charity that donates pillow cases for sick children.


On The Dance Card:
Wendy is knitting her Summer End Sweater by Heather Sapp with Dream In Color Classy in the Cool Fire colorway.  She is using US 8 / 5 mm needles and close to being done.  She also has Rock Island by Jarad Flood on the needles using Ivy Brambles Romantica from Yarn and Fiber Co. on US 7 / 4.5 mm, still on the edging.
Sheila is still working on the Mt Ash by Kate Gagnon Osborn with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Dk, on US 6 / 4 mm needle.  She has reached the edge!!!!  Saroyan is also still on the needles by Liz Abinante on US 6 /4 mm in Malabrigo Lace held double, did not see any love this week.

Rate Your Date:
Wendy has nothing, nada, zilch.
Sheila shows off her Toe-up Sock by Wendy Johnson in Louet Gems fingering in Chestnut colorway, with one mod: using the Judy's Magic Cast on for the toe.  She also finished a preemie hat of her own design with the left over Louet Gems yarn and is working on the pattern.

Future Dates:   We Heart Becky (Addicted to Yarn)
Wendy hopes to cast on Catkin by Carina Spencer once she clears one of her needles.
Sheila is casting on this week for Spring Forward by Linda Welch using Sock Pixie Vegan Sock yarn.
We also are planning to knit another Mystery Shawl by Natascha Vogele or krazeekittyknits on Ravelry.  The shalw is Iris and you have to join the krazzekittyknits group.  SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED  She does have it for purchase.
We Heart Mellisa (His and Hers)

NEW Whirlwind Romance:
Wendy and Sheila show off there spinning.  Wendy is spinning some Miss Babs fiber, she is using Ashford Traditional for her spinning, she has the Faux Angora from Knittink on her spindle.  Sheila is drop spindling her fiber Touch of Twist she got from the Mass Sheep and Wool.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Wendy again has nothing.
Sheila mentions a great charity they make pillow cases for sick children.  Great orginazation, check it out.

Baubles and Bling:
Wendy and Sheila both have nothing, nada, zilch.

Gossip and Innuendo:
Knit in Public day was rainy, thank you Marcia for coming out anyways.   We had a great time.
Charts - Goodreader on iTunes and chart keeper from KnitPicks.
We also use post it notes or highlighter tape.

Wendy is still planning on going to the I-91 Shop Hop and visit Mellisa from His and Hers podcast at Metaphor Yarns for a "Dye Your Own" Buffet. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Episode 13 - Bag Addict

Sheila & Wendy share their usual project chat and show off their finished Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawls. In-depth review of project bags by DianaCouture.

Show Notes:

SparkPeople and Jillian Michaels.

On The Dance Card:
   Sheila is still working on her Mountain Ash Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn on US 6 / 4mm with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK.  Her Saroyan by Liz Abinate on US 6 / 4mm with Malabrigo Lace held doubled.  Added more yarn to her Toe-Up Sock by Wendy Johnson US 1 / 2.25 mm with Louet Gems fingering.  Thanks Joan.
   Wendy is finally showing us some progress on her Summer's End Sweater by Heather Sapp in Dream in Color Classy in the Cool Fire worsted weight on US 8 / 5mm.  She will be casting on Rock Island Shawl by Jared Flood in Ivy Brambles Romantica.

Rate your Date:
   Sheila and Wendy both finished the Mystery Summer Shawl by Wendy Johnson.  Sheila used Sundara Sock yarn in Tuscon Rose over Lemon with US 6 / 4mm.  Wendy used Spirit Trail Fiberworks Alexandra Sock on US 5 / 3.75 needles.  Two thumbs up, loved the pattern.
   Wendy finished her Mad Color Weave Socks with her Hanks Yarns Perchance to Dye sock yarn in Sock Monkey color way.

Future Dates:
   Sheila is hoping to cast on for Spring Forwards by Linda Welch using Sock Pixie Vegan, this week, was side tracked with finishing up her toe up socks.
   Wendy is planning to make Catkin by Carina Spencer, she is debating what yarn to use.   We also crush on Becky from Addicted to Yarn.  HI!!!

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
   Sheila checked out some new podcasts, Knitabulls, Domestikated Darling, Ariethornbirdknits.  Check them out the ladies are great.  Thank you Sadie (Blueruin) from Yarnivore podcast for the shout out.
   Wendy has a severe crush on DianaCouture Bags.  Go check them out on Etsy.
Baubles and Bling:
     Sheila and Wendy, finally showed their Holiday Yarns in the Candy Cane colorway and Promise.

Gossip and Innuendo:
   Sheila and Wendy will be in Wakefield Park, next to Lake Quannapowitt,  on Saturday June 11th for Knit In Public day from 9am to 12 noon, come join us.
Mellisa from His and Hers Podcast are doing an I-91 Shop HopMetaphor Yarns is hosting a "Dye your Own Buffet" with Melissa.
The Loopy Ewe is moving to Colorado and the shop will be moving in October.  Here is her blog post.

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Have a great week and Knit With Heart.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Episode 12: Discombobulated

Our usual project chat with lots of baubles and bling from the MA Sheep and Wool. Lots of chat about nothing, too!

We are Sheila and Wendy, sorry about that.

Show Notes:

On The Dance Card:
   Wendy is working on her Mad Color Weave socks by Tina Lorin using her Monkey Socks Colorway on US 2 / 2.75mm.   She did not show any love to her Summer's End sweater by Heather Sapp using her Dream in Color on US 8 / 5.0 mm.
   We are both working on Wendy Johnson's Mystery Summer Shawl.  I am using Sundara Sock Yarn on US 6 / 4.00mm.  Wendy is using Spirit Trail Fiberworks on US 5 / 3.75mm.
   Sheila is still working on her Mountain Ash Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn in Alpaca Silk Dk on US 6 / 4.00 mm.  I am also still working on my Saroyan by Liz Abinante with Malabrigo Lace held doubled on US 6 / 4.00mm.  I also have been working on the Mitered Square Towel based loosley on the pattern that can be found in Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.  I am using Sugar and Cream cotton yarn on US 8 / 5.00mm in various colors.

Rate your Date:
   Wendy has one finished object, her Roly Poly Cat by Nina Shimizu with US G crochet hook.  You need to go to web site for pattern.  She used Worsted wieght Vanna's Choice.  Her modification, she did not do little white feet.  Super fun and Fast.  She loved it.
   Sheila shows of her finished Pug from Knit Your Own Dog.

Future Dates: 
   Wendy is planning on Jared Floods Rock Island Shawl in Ivy Brambles Romantica Lace Yarn.
   Sheila is still planning on doing The Spring Forward Socks

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
   Wendy heartbreak is that her son got really burned from the sun the other day and he is very pale.
   Sheila shows off the inside the Kinder Egg and how it looks like a Minion from the movie Despicable Me.  She shows you Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up Book.
  We both talk about what type of socks we like better, toe-up or cuff down.

Baubles and Bling:
   We mention Holiday Yarns, we will show our sock yarn next week.
   Sheila has acquired some lovely yarn by Into the Whirled Bukavu sock yarn by Cris in the Farnsworth - Pooling Colorway.  Looking to do a slipped stich pattern for it.  I also bought my first Fiber from Touch of Twist in their Fancy Feet Sock Roving, lovely greens.
   Wendy also bought some sock yarn by Into the Whirled, but their Pakokku, colorway Muse-Pooling.  Wendy also was at the Yarn and Fiber booth that is from Derry NH and purchased some Ivy Brambles Romantica Lace in Night Sky colorway.  We were at the Holiday Yarns booth where she bought some lovely fiber from Gnomespun Yarn in the Rambouillet Comb Top from Brewergnome or Dan.  Wendy also purchased some Faux Angora 100% Nylon in the Bertie Botts colorway from Andrianne or Ady Bee of  Knittink, comic book inspired dyed yarns.   She also purchased a Spindle Bag by Jessilu Bags featuring Gnomes on the bag.   Later on she mentions a sweater pattern that she bought, Lillian Fay by Ellen Mason.

Gossip and Innuendo's:
   We talk about our Trip to Mass Sheep and Wool and a side trip to Webs Yarn shop.   We met Mellisa and Sean from the His and Hers podcast.  
    Jadee from the Twisted Strands podcast was up in MA and metions a local yarn store The WoolPak.  Next time she is up, hope to meet up with her.
   Knittings My Bag is organizing a Podcast Challange, should be intersting, Wendy and I want to play along.  We should all be working on the same technique but different patterns.  I believe the following are thinking about joining.  Mommyneedsyarn, Dramatic Knits, Yarnivore, Dragon fly Knits.
   We also mention Knit In Public Day on June 11th with Butterfly Yarns.
   We babble as we are know to do.  Hey no interuptions this week.

Thank you for watching, if you are new, welcome, if you are returning, thank you for coming back.

You can reach us at we are on iTunes, please leave a comment or star rating.  We are on Plurk as knit1hearttoo (we share the account.)  We have a ravlery group here.  I am also on Twitter as knit1hearttoo, not very active yet.

That is it for the week,  Knit With Heart.