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Darn It! A Guide to Sock Darning

Short Row Heel Tutorial


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, I was looking for a way to do a patch type darn and wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Now I feel confident and am looking forward to saving a pair of socks. Good work!

Ms. Grrrlll, Kitty Wrangler said...

How timely! Just today my purple Wollmeise Nutkins developed a hole in the sole - a big hole! I don't know how that happened, but now I know I can fix them rather than tossing them. Thanks!

solitaryknitter said...

I think you can expand on the repurposing aspect of your tutorial which is excellent to say the least.

I have cut the entire foot off a favourite (yup I am Canadian and that is not a spelling mistake - it is "favOURite") pair of socks and using a contrasting or complementary color of yarn I have knit a whole new foot or toe. Thus the leg/cuff of my sock continues to be my favourite sock and I get a lot more wear out of them.

Recently my daughter-in-law was upset that she had worn huge holes in both the toes of a favourite pair of socks that I had knit for her. I just cut off the toe, took the yarn that I still had remaining and knit her another set of sock toes. I keep the left over yarn in a bag with the name of the recipient on it for future darning and toe re-knitting.

Love your videos and your friendship. Thanks for sharing your passion for knitting with us. Please continue for a long time.