Friday, December 21, 2012

Episode 92: Knitter Mafia

The ladies bring you the Christmas Episode! Wendy shows off her finished Shetland Triangle and debuts her Suki in two colors of DIC Smooshy. Sheila shows her progress on the Clapotis she is knitting in Gypsy Girl Creations gradient yarn. During this episode, we wear crazy Christmas hats in honor of Knitpurlgurl, share some of the stories of our Christmas prep, and invent the Knitting Mafia!

On The Needles

Clapotis in Gypsy Girl Creations Transitions yarn.

Suki in Dream in Color Smooshy in the Midnight Derby (navy blue) and Leprechaun (green) color ways.

Little Batty in BMFA Socks That Rock lightweight in the Rook-y color way. This pattern is in development.

Rate Your Date

Shetland Triangle in Great Adirondack Lolita in the Antique color way.

Whirlwind Romance

Dyeabolical Yarns 100% Portuguese Merino in the Flower Shop Inferno color way (link goes to a version with firestar!). 2 skeins finished, and a third ready to ply. These will become another handspun sweater. Also, check out Atomic Flower Pot! This color way was inspired by my made-up name for the Flower Shop Inferno. You know you want some....

Future Dates

Wendy is planning to use her handspun for a Party Mix. Sheila doesn't have a future date right now, but may knit some wash cloths next year to give as holiday gifts.

Crushes and Heartbreaks

Wendy had a week of repeated Christmas Baking Fail and Sheila can't wait for her husband to go back to work next week.

Baubles and Bling

Permanent Residency Socks by Shannon Robalino gifted by SheepDreamery

Lazy Girl Shawl by Megan Peters also gifted by SheepDreamery

Gossip and Innuendo

NETA Spa Knit and Spin Weekend will be held during the first weekend in February.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Episode 91: Cat Infestation

Wendy, Sheila and lots of cats bring you the usual project chat, including Sheila's finished Turn a Square Hat and Wendy's Elf Hat. Wendy also shows the first two skeins of her Dyeabolical Yarn handspun. We feature some awesome Christmas gifts and lots of new patterns!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Episode 90: Nothing's on the Needles

Wendy and Sheila have very little on the needles this week! Sheila shows her nearly finished Turn a Square hat, and Wendy shows her completed Skipperdee sweater, snowflake and Crosswords at the Coffee Shop shawl. The ladies have lots of RAP'd patterns to show, Sheila's BMFA club yarn and a surprise package of AWESOME from 4kittieshaveI.