Thursday, August 30, 2012

Episode 76: Not Enough Ruffles

The ladies bring their usual project chat, including Sheila's Zauberball Wingspan progress, Wendy's Just Enough Ruffles fail, and a peek at one of the early prototypes for Wendy's current secret knitting!

Show Notes

Last week of our KAL's Check them out.

On The Dance Card:

Sheila is working on the Wingspan Shawlette by Maylin Tri'Coterie Designs in
Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball on US 4 /3.25 mm needles.

Wendy is working on her Loud and Proud socks with Play At Life Sockie Maki in the Loud & Proud colorway. US1.5/2.5mm needles. No love

Little Batty is a bat-themed shawl I’m doing for my next pattern. It is on the needles
and I am charting as I knit. BMFA Socks That Rock medium in Rook-y colorway. No

Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau (about $4 on Rav) in Malabrigo Worsted in the
Lime Blue colorway. Read the pattern wrong and didn’t notice until I was about to bind

Rate Your Date:

Sheila has nothing.
Wendy finished her Secret Knitting Prototype #1
Secret Knitting Sample

Thanks to Pattisand, Loonyhiker and Crazyhouse for testing.

Whirlwind Romance:


Future Dates:

Sheila wants to work on organizing her stash

Wendy is looking to knit Bus Hat by Kylie Mcdonnell-Wade (Free on Rav.) with handspun in Captain Tightpants from Into the Whirled

Crushes and Heartbreaks:

Sheila crushes are Kids in school, Knitting Tirathlete raised over $16,000 and Lynn will be doing her drawing soon, and her house is getting painted.  Her heartbreaks are that her dryer is toast.
Wendy has an update on her Knee, getting better per her PT.  Her cell phone is back to normal after dropping it in a bowl of water.

Baubles & Bling: 

Sheila has nothing to show.
Wendy has some BMFA Mediumweight in STR mystery bag, she gets to keep this one and Sheila picked a skein for her birthday.

Dragon Brook Yarns : 140 yds worsted weight 95% wool 5% Llama, in the Eggplant
color way. I love it so much, but I will be putting it into the pool as a prize!

Gossip & Innuendo:

Rhinebeck  October 20 & 21, we will be there Friday and Saturday nights, can't wait.

New KAL:

Charity knitting! Because we are nearing the time of holiday giving, it will get us in the mood.

Wrapped in Stitches Preemie Blanket Drive

At the 3 Stitches Podcast (a mother and two daughters) Check out their Rav group 3-Stitches for more details. The contest starts on August 12 and goes through October 14th, and the object is to make blankets for preemies. Free patterns are linked in the thread.

Kimberly Gintar’s new pattern Awareness in Lace And Ribbons: Check pattern page for detail.

Emily’s Hats For Hope:
Started by a 17 year old seeking donations of hats for the impoverished in Appalachia, and has now spread across the country to spin off groups.  You can join the ravelry group (they make things other than hats, too)

Have a great week and Knit With Heart!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Episode 75: This Is What You Can't Have

The ladies bring you the usual project chat, including Sheila's finished Lorna's Laces Zombie Barbecue socks and her review of knitting with SportMate yarn, and Wendy's nightmare spinning screw-up. We discuss our charity KAL, show prizes for the current KAL and wish that our kids would get back to school!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Episode 74: One More Week

The ladies bring you their usual projet chat, including Sheila's sock project, and Wendy's finished Wingspan from handspun yarn. We introduce the next KAL Theme, which will be Charity Knitting, and show off a prize donation from DaizieKnits, as well as an awesome coupon code for everyone!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Episode 73: Sweaty Summer

The ladies bring you the usual project chat, including Sheila's PHD of her Spice Man sock and Wendy's finished JudyB shawl from handspun. Wendy shows off her newest project, a Wingspan from handspun, and the ladies discuss two charity events that are going on, the Make A Wish charity event sponsored by Lynn Zimerman, and the 3 Stitches podcast preemie blanket contest.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Episode 72 - Multiples

Sheila and Wendy are back together and bring you their usual project chat, including Sheila's ongoing sock project and Wendy's handspun JudyB shawl. The ladies show off the most recent installment of the BMFA Rockin' Sock Club - times 3! They also discuss the Sock The Vote event going on at the Singlehandedknits Podcast, Sheila's summer vacation and the latest installment in Wendy's Problem With Driving.
Show Notes

On The Dance Card:

Loud & Proud Socks: Play At Life Sockie Maki in the Loud & Proud colorway.  Wendy's made-up pattern on US 1.5/2.5mm needles
Judy B: by Kimberly Gintar ($5 on Rav). Into The Whirled handspun Polwarth/Silk, Gwydir colorway. US6/4.0mm needles.
Little Batty:  A bat-themed shawl Wendy is designing.  BMFA Socks That Rock medium in the  Rook-y colorway, US 6/4.0mm needles.
Secret Knitting: Is still going on. We are having trouble with the yarn colorway.

Spice Boy by Yarnissima on Lorna's Laces Sport Mate.

Rate Your Date:

Both have Nothing

Whirlwind Romance:

Into The Whirled BFL Top, Fierce & Flawless coordinate colorway, 4oz, 2-plied with Enchanted Knoll Farms Wool, bamboo, silk, sari silk, sparkle, 4oz. about 520 yds finished yarn in 2 skeins.

Future Dates:

Sheila is thinking of a hat for her brother.
No ideas yet for Wendy

Crushes and Heartbreaks:

Sheila has a tooth ache and is loving the olypmic coverage by NBC

Wendy's Knee Status: All is going well.
Car Accident: Commerce Insurance Commerce Cares program is awesome. My car was in the body shop within 4 hours of the accident.

Baubles & Bling:

Sheila shows of her Multiple Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock club shipment.  She also shares a lovely pair of socks made by Nancy, Wendy's Mom.

Nothing for Wendy

Gossip & Innuendo:

Sheila talks about vacation  and the shows she went too.

Sock The Vote: A little birdie told us that there is an event called Sock The Vote on the Singlehandedknits Podcast group. You can learn more about it by going to the Rav group or watching the Singlehandedknits podcast. We were recommended by yarn-vs-zombies as a team mascot! So if you are a member of the group or want to do the event (there are kits for the toe-up and cuff down parties, and you can also be a member of the green party, where no purchase is available). Sounds like fun!