Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fiber Revival Roadtrip Episode

Wendy interviews several vendors at the Fiber Revival, including The Woolen Rabbit, The Merlin Tree, Hair of the Dog Designs, Pinestar Studio and Spunky Eclectic. She also shows off her poor technical skills by screwing up the video of Yarn and Fiber Company and designer Alison Green Will. Apologies ensue.
Apologies right up front for my boneheadedness during this episode. I filmed three interviews with the record button on pause. Yes, I AM that dopey when it comes to operating a digital camera. I did give a shout out to everyone who was left out, but it isn't the same as the awesome footage.

Huge Happy Shout Out to Susan! It was great to meet you. Sorry I was a dope who "recorded" you with the record button off. Your shawl was lovely.

And...I actually chatted with designer Alison Green Will about my Gawain sweater (she designed it). Sadly, less than 2 seconds of that footage was recorded. (I can actually hear you laughing at me through the internet, Diane). Please check out Alison's recent pattern offering Petronia from the latest Twist Collective, and browse her other patterns, including her latest, Thaxter, on either her designer page on Ravelry, or on her website.

You can visit the vendors shown/mentioned in this video at the following links:

The Yarn and Fober Company of Derry, NH, owned and operated by the lovely Cindy, who we interviewed during our Mass Sheep & Wool Roadtrip Episode. Free shipping if you order online. I showed lots of my Ivy Brambles Romantica stash to make up for screwing up her awesome footage. I will show the other lovely things I bought from them in the next regular episode.

Mad Color Fiber Arts. You can buy directly from the online store or see her products in person at the Yarn & Fiber Company in Derry. Since the footage of her lovely goods was also lost, I show you a couple of my stash items. Gorgeous!

Hair of the Dog Design. Do you have a dog, cat or other pet whose hair you'd like to incorporate into a project? Do you love alternative fibers? Check out her beautiful yarns.

Spunky Eclectic. She sells gorgeous fiber and spinning wheels, too! (And has lots of awesome art on her arms.)

The Merlin Tree. They will repair antique wheels and they offer a beautiful line of Hitchhiker wheels that are built for travel.

Enchanted Knoll Farm. Owner Josette dyed the pretty Treasure Chest colorway I used for my Iris Mystery Shawl. She does gorgeous things with batts and sparkles, and offers lots of pretty yarn as well, including a new sparkly line!

The Woolen Rabbit. Purveyor of many gorgeous yarn bases that you may have seen featured in Anne Hanson's designs on Knitspot. I totally want her to rename her colorway "New England Red" as "Nantucket Red." I don't know why.

Leslie Wind. Handcrafter of beautiful sterling silver knitting jewelry and other metal work items. She has a cable needle necklace that would make a great knitter gift, and lots of awesome shawl pins. She will also guide you to through making your own items.


Enid said...

HUGS, Wendy, you done better than me

Betty said...


Please don't be so hard on yourself. It is something any of us could have done in our passion to share with others. You did a great description on your blog and what you showed us on the podcast. I appreciate all you share with us. Keep up the good work.



Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad it wasn't a total screw up. I guess I'll chalk this one up as a learning experience, right?

Candy said...

Wendy, I think you are wonderful. You go out of your way to show us lovely yarn and the fun things people are doing. I like the podcast because of you and Sheila. You guys are so cute.

Keep up the great work,
Candy (aka: Kandiland)

Heather said...

I LOVED this! Thanks so much. I have vended several shows with Josette from Enchanted Knoll Farms and just adore her. She's a blast! I have both the Heavenly Day batt and a skein of the Fairy Dust sock yarn that you showed off. Woot!

Fingers crossed that I will be here next year!

folksmith said...

Love what you recorded. can't wait to check out the websites.

Mom said...

I think you learned your camera skills from Grandma Weber!

Betty said...

Hey Wendy - You have found your true calling - a cartoonist - I'd love a button showing the final result of the podcaster's challenge - consider this - what a great giveaway - I'd donate to your podcast for a button like that - or even a set of all the pictures shown on the 20 Aug 11 podcast.

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for all the great comments. We are definitely going to do something with the cartoons, and are looking into the buttons.