Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Episode 53 - Now In HD

Wendy and Sheila film in HD for the first time! Lots of FOs this week, including the Crestview Sweater, Sheila's Hooded Sweater, Wendy's Lotus Blossom Socks and lots more baby things. We draw prizes for our 1st Year Podiversary and announce a fundraiser for Children's Hospital.

Show Notes:

Paul Cherchia running the Boston Marathon on April 19, 26.2 miles, in Zach’s name with Children’s Hospital.  If you could please help him reach his goal. 
In the special note area tag it with K1H2, so that we can see your donation.

Thank you.


Enid said...

Hi Girls, lovely episode.
WOW, the new camera is a lot more defining!!!! great to see true colours of yarns and projects.
Sheila, how did you keep from throttling Kim? all the work you put into that shawl.
Wendy, what a lovely gift from Diane. I would call it a snood, being as it also covers your head.
take care,

folksmith said...

My brother in law did that years ago to a baaby blanket that my mother made for my sisters new baby. My cried and then wanted to kill him. He said he was just helping. just breaks your heart. Sheila your shawl still looks great, just a little condensed.