Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Episode 38 - A Show About Nothing

Sheila and Wendy bring you the usual project chat, including Sheila's finished Bandana Cowl and mittens. Wendy shows off the top half of her test knit sweater, the Wrought Iron Cardigan, and some of her recently spun yarn. The rest of the show is a lot of chat about nothing!

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Show Notes:

Introductions: Sheila aka SheilaD37 and Wendy aka PennyWenny

Thank You to Judith, Debbie, Elizabeth, and Joanne for your donations to the podcast, we really appreciate it.

If you are new to the podcast welcome, and you are a returning viewer, welcome back.
Thank you for watching us.

Come join on us on Ravelry HERE. Show us your finished Mitts, Gloves, or Fingerless Here.
On The Dance Card:
Spice Man by Yarnissima
Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson
Lisianthus by Rosemary HIll
Flower to Hexagon Blanket by Jessie Rayot
Selbuvott or Not by Torirot Designs
Wrought Cardigan by Stephabnnie Tallent (tech edit stage right now) Pre-Order link here.

Rate Your Date:
Sheila finished Urban Necessity by Colleen Michele Meagher using Cascade 220 in a dark purple with US 5 / 3.75 mm.  Mods: fingerless and didn't do the increase for the fingers.  She also finished the Bandana Cowl by Purl Soho with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK held double on US 9 / 5. mm castion on 111 stitches for the different weight yarn.
Wendy has nothing.

Whirlwind Romance:
Wendy shows off 300 yards of Spunky Electic BFL two plied, light fingering or heavy lace.
and 100 yards of Spinners Hill wool blend, Navajo Plied.

Future Dates:
Sheila is working on that Christmas List of knitting and will cast on the Howlcat by Alexander Tinsley.
Wendy has nothing.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Sheila shares her heartbreak of her mitts, making two left ones. Her heartbreak is that her Jacques Cousteau hat is too big.
Wendy shares her crush on Spinner's Hill batts.

Baubles and Bling:
Sheila shows off here monster Swap from Erin (Starkie81).  I think she used the snowman pattern from this.
Wendy has nothing.

Gossip and Innuendo:
Prizes will be sent out to the rest of the winners.  Thank you for getting in touch with us.

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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.


Anonymous said...

'' a show about nothing ''? full of interest to me.
5 stars if I could rate it.
I have also got so involved in a pattern that I miss shaping rows, Wendy; and in misplacing caps, Sheila. Makes me feel a little better that I am in your company.
Is your VKN via Ravelry, or Google+?.

take care,

Sheila said...

Thank you Enid. I feel better to know I am not alone. VKN is through google plus. I will try to put the link in the show notes.

folksmith said...

Love Cadbury chocolate. It is the best. When we were living in England, many years ago, i fell in love with Cadbury. the stores there had rows and rows of different candy bars. Flake is wonderful. It's really hard to share.

Love the monsters, have the pattern, need to make it for my daughter who is moving to Germany to be an au pair. Thought the children might like them.

Love your show!

Sesheta said...

I look forward to "seeing" you when you upload your blog every week. I learn a lot and just enjoy your company.

(msesheta) on plurk

Mary Beth said...

Great episode as usual!! The new page looks great! The red is wonderful. Hope to catch you ladies in a VKN soon!!!
Happy Knitting,
Mary Beth