Friday, November 4, 2011

Episode 34 - Sock It To Us!

Wendy and Sheila bring you the usual project chat as we get VERY close to the 500 Group Member Prize-A-Palooza! Lots of WIPs this week, including Sheila's hooded sweater and Wendy's Lisianthus shawl. Baubles and bling include the gift of several pair of handmade socks from Wendy's mom.
Show Notes:

Introductions:  Sheila and Wendy  Our group on Ravelry is here.
Welcome to new viewers and welcome back to our returning viewers.
Thank you to Marhta Goldybear for you donation to the podcast, we really appreciate it.
Thank you to Freydale for the patterns we are looking forward to casting them on.

On The Dance Card:
All Hands on Deck by Rachel of Dyeabolical yarn.
Quincy Quade by Rebecca Danger
Monster Chunk by Rebecca Dange
Lisianthus by Rosemary Hill
Flower to Hexagon Blanket by Jessie Rayot
Selbuvott or Not by Toritot Designs
I love Stockinette Baby Bib by Laura Treadway

Rate Your Date:
We both have nothing.

Future Dates:
Wrought Cardigan by Stephabnnie Tallent (testing stage right now) Pre-Order link here.
Sheila wants to finish what is on the needles and cast on a generic sock.

Crushes and Heartbreaks:
Sheila heartbreaks over how she had to work during the power outage, had some issues with Max's sweater with gauge, it lies,
Wendy has nothing that she neither a crush or heartbreak.

Baubles and Bling:
We have Wendy's mom to thank for some lovely socks that she made.
Sheila received the Wonderful Wallaby Sweater pattern from Diane of the Knitabulls podcast.  Sheila also shows off her lovely pink stitch markers for her swap.

Gossip and Innuendo:
Wendy and her mother are of the the Fiber Festival at the Big E center.
Sheila is heading out to the Yankee Candle Factory in Deerfeild MA.

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Have a good week, Knit With Heart.


Crochetlocket said...

STOP THE EXCUSES, APOLOGIES.... none are needed!!!!!!!!! I appreciate (as I am sure others do as well) that you take time out of your busy schedules to make an entertaining podcast for everyone to enjoy weekly!!!

I just came home from the fiber fest... I didnt see ya! I was sad!!

Enid said...

I definitely agree, Life happens to all of us.
Hope you both had a good Saturday?